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"Conjoined Creations, Colors with Attitude," is aptly titled. Mary & Colleen are the owners & creators of the amazing creative yarns you'll find here. There have several color combinations I was unsure of, until I knit them! The result is AMAZING!! A large portion of the in stock Custom Creations yarn is yarn that is dyed especially for Knitting, Beads, & Other Things. Take a look, I think you will be as excited as I am at how beautiful the colors are!! Colleen & Mary are great to work with!! They hand dye the yarns themselves; and are willing to dye most yarns with any of their colors. So please go to their web site, and if they have something you are interested in , let me know and I will be happy to get it in for you. I do not charge extra for the special order, nor will I require a down payment.

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