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General Bead Information


1.5mm Bugles:
slightly longer than 11/0 Delicas, but otherwise similar in size and shape to Delicas.
3mm Bugles:
about the same diameter as Delicas, but with a slightly smaller hole.
6mm Bugles:
same as 3mm Bugles except twice as long.
11/0 Delica Hex (DBH's):
same as DB, except hexagon cut.
8/0 Delica Hex (DBLH's):
same as the DBL's, except hexagon shaped. Arriving in the spring of 2005.
11/0 Delicas (DB's):
cylinder shaped beads that are cut flat on the ends. Uniformity of the beads, makes them excellent for use in peyote stitch, brick stitch or loom work. Delicas are sometimes referred to as 'Delicious beads', since Delica means delicious in Japanese.
8/0 Delicas (DBL's):
these are the largest Delicas. The large hole size makes them very versatile.
Drop Beads:
sometimes called 'fringe beads' since they are often used as fringe on amulet bags, earrings and necklaces. They are teardrop shaped and have the hole at the top of the bead.
15/0 Hex beads:
same size as 15/0 Round Rocailles, but they are hexagon shaped and cut flat on the ends.
11/0 Round Rocailles:
they are often referred to as 'seed beads' and are rounded in shape. Although the beads are slightly smaller than Size 10/0 Czech seed beads, the hole size is actually larger, which means you can thread through the beads more times. Uniformity of these beads makes them excellent for loom work, peyote stitch or brick stitch.
15/0 Round Rocailles:
similar to the 11's but smaller. They are approximately the same size as Czech 14's, or slightly smaller than Charlotte Cut 13's. The size of the hole is larger than many larger Czech beads. They are wonderful for intricate designs that require smaller beads.
6/0 Round Rocailles:
we have just added these beads in 2004 due to many requests.
8/0 Round Rocailles:
we've had so many requests that we've ordered these beads and expect them mid-2005.
3mm Square Beads:
same as 4mm Square Beads except smaller.
4mm Square Beads:
These beads are 4mm, however the size of the hole is large enough that they can be used on springy bracelet wire, hemp, leather cord, or other stringing materials.
10/0 Triangles:
smallest of the Miyuki Triangles.
5/0 Triangles:
these beads are three sided with rounded corners. This is the most popular size of the Triangles.
8/0 Triangles:
same as 5/0 Triangles, except smaller.
10/0 Twist 2-Cut Beads:
they are cut in a hexagon shape, are flat on the ends, and have a twist. They are similar to the 2 x 12mm Twisted Bugles except they are much shorter.
1.9 x 6mm Twisted Bugles:
slightly larger diameter than Delicas, hexagon shaped with a twist.
2 x 12mm Twisted Bugles:
slightly larger around and longer than the 1.9 x 6mm Twisted Bugles.
*Above quantities are averaged/approximated. Each bead finish may cause count variations.
*This information is intended to be an informational aid in ordering and/or preparation of listed Miyuki Beads.
Courtesy of CGGS Beads
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