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Swallow Casein Timbergrain Double Points

The Swallow Needle Manufacturing Company boasts over 100 years of tradition in the age-old techniques of making the finest hand knitting instruments. All Swallow needles feature hand tapered tips, which are polished to a glass-smooth finish, allowing the yarn to slip easily for quicker knitting. They have the perfect blend of flexibility and rigidity to create a firm, comfortable knitting needle that allows smooth effortless knitting.
Of note:
  • Manufactured from the purest edible grade rennet CASEIN
  • CASEIN is the protein of milk and is supplied from a naturally renewable ecological resource
  • CASEIN is biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • CASEIN is an insulator and non-static eliminating "fluffy" knitting
  • CASEIN is a non conductor and ideal for arthritic knitters
  • CASEIN is warm to the touch and comfortable to hold
  • Swallow needles are hardened to the perfect blend of flexibility and rigidity to create a firm comfortable knitting tool
  • The glass smooth polished surface allows fast effortless knitting
  • Virtually noiseless in use
  • Swallow needles have a lustrous, flawless look of a piece of jewelry
  • Perfectly hand tapered points for faster knitting


Please note that Casein needles are made is "made from the protein of milk" with a " 0.40% formaldehyde content."  The manufacturer also provides the following information: "With the 0.40% formaldehyde content it is well below the acceptable levels for nail polish and of a similar level to that of cosmetics and personal hygiene products."
-Swallow Casein
If you don't have a formaldehyde allergy, TRY THEM!!  They are wonderful!!  Carol has been using these since she started knitting!!

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